In 2018 Pat edited and co-produced the Radiolab six-part series Gonads, hosted by Molly Webster.

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From 2009-2014 Pat was a staff producer at the show. Here are a handful of the many stories he reported and produced at the show.

Kevin had a brain surgery that saved his life. Then he started changing. Then the FBI showed up. Won a Third Coast Audio Festival award.

We wanted to tell a simple story about how New York City's wastewater is processed. Before we knew it we were thousands of miles away.

After adopting five babies from the same woman who is addicted to drugs, Barbara Harris makes a radical move.

A group of old men are caught on tape threatening a terrorist attack, but a few can barely walk. How scared should we be? With Tom Junod.

In which Jad and I go looking for the ghost of the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson.

Chris Gay has escaped from prison more times than anyone else alive. What's he running from? With Ben Montgomery.

One night in 1992, two boys were involved in the greatest come-back in the history of basketball. What happened next? With Thomas Lake.

An old man wants his sons to take over the family foot-massage business. They don't want to. They solved it with some tea leaves.

Jim Eggers couldn't control his rage. Then he got a pet parrot. Then she started doing amazing things that seemed unbelievable. Maybe they were.

When most of us pass the lobster tank we might think, poor buggers, but we keep walking. Bonnie Hazen stopped.

No matter what he did, nothing seemed to help Jasper Lawrence's allergies. Then he read about hookworms. Also aired on This American Life.